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Author Topic: Older Episode Theories  (Read 5137 times)


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Re: Older Episode Theories
« Reply #60 on: July 22, 2013, 08:04:56 pm »
Oop, overlooked that. ><

But GEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZ!!! Seriously? SERIOUSLY? Hardly a single good episode to watch for ANOTHER TWO MONTHS?! It's been OVER two months now since we last got to regularly see anything good... this is turning out to be the worst year for ARTHUR yet.

I honestly don't understand why they can't just broadcast the episodes in chronological order from beginning to end like other shows? I honestly can't think of any other show that airs its episodes in a randomized order like ARTHUR does, except for maybe SESAME STREET, which seems to usually alternate episodes from their current season, and repeats from two seasons ago on a daily basis. Oh, and SEINFELD, where back-to-back episodes are usually one from an older season, and one from a later season, or vice-versa, though I see TBS has finally started airing that show in chronological order now.

Why not just buy Seasons 1-4 on DVD? Then you could just watch an early episode whenever you feel like it. Although, I do understand your frustration, it seems like they have barely shown any good episodes all year. Luckily I have satellite, and I receive 3 (4?) PBS Stations with schedules that usually differ a bit, but even then it seems like I just can't find a good episode on.