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POST: The Year of the Tough Customers?

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I'm gonna be posting each blog article as its own thread in the site news section so that the article itself can be discussed:

Sergeant Slink:
The fact there is evidence that Slink might show up makes me happy. That is all I care about :P

I kept thinking of you when typing that up.

But I'm overall happy that the Tough Customers are gonna be featured more. I have always been a huge Tough Customers fan, as there's just so much to love in that group. All the characters are just so unique and interesting. So needless to say, I'm overjoyed by their possible resurgence.

Sergeant Slink:
Yeah. Other than Binky and Molly, they all kind of dropped out of existence.

I've always loved bully characters in shows in general. I'm not really sure why. Maybe it's because bullies generally have a lot of layers to their character. They aren't all mean spirited sadists :P

They do. That's why I like the Tough Customers. There is just so much depth to each personality.

Take Molly, for example. She's a bully and can be extremely mean, although she also has some nice sides. She had become friends with Arthur in "Arthur Makes Waves," in "Don't Ask Muffy," it's revealed that she gives advice to people. She is, in some ways, a very generous person.


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