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Author Topic: Unrealistic Airplane Moments  (Read 184 times)


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Re: Unrealistic Airplane Moments
« on: May 18, 2013, 01:25:04 pm »
I usually not the type to nitpick with realism in TV Shows, especially cartoons, but I just couldn't help but notice the unrealistic performance of the private jet, and the unrealistic piloting of Bo Baxter.

I can safely say that virtually no pilots ever have both hands on the yoke (steering wheel), but Bo always has his hands firmly planted on the yoke whenever we see him in the ****pit. The ONLY time pilots (including myself) have both hands on a yoke is when we do aerobatics, but I don't think that big jet is going to be doing aerobatic stunts (Actually, Bo does do a roll in the plane during the theme song, he's just living on the edge, isn't he?).

In "Buster In Mackinac," Buster comments on how they landed the plane in "The tiniest airport" he's ever seen. The jet looks a lot like a Cessna Citation jet, which needs over 3,000 feet of runway to land, and over 5,000 to take off. In fact, when they show live action footage of a plane landing there, you can clearly see the propeller in front of the camera, as a jet would have no hopes of landing there.

Once again, I love this show and I'm not trying to be overly critical to it, I just thought that these bits were a bit unrealistically funny.

EDIT: Hmm, the forum censor has prevented me from saying ****pit, I didn't know that it would censor profanity INSIDE of words. Just know that I'm talking about the area where the pilots sit.

It's a cartoon. Do you think kids are going to notice these? I don't expect them too. Cartoons are rarely accurate anyway.