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I'm curious as to users' opinions on Postcards From Buster.

For me, PFB wasn't the greatest, though it had some redeeming qualities. Many of the animated parts were pretty good, however the whole idea of a mostly live-action show just didn't overall work for me.

Sergeant Slink:
I have to say, the kids on the show, for the most part, seemed like they actually enjoyed it. Sometimes the kids on Arthur seem like they really don't want to be on camera.

That is something that I never really even thought about, but thinking back, you're right.

Snowth Woogle:
I think the concept itself had potential, they just didn't utilize it to the best potential... I like the idea of us seeing just what happens on these trips Buster has with his dad, and learning about different places and the people there, what they do, etc... however, I think PFB ended up turning into another tired PBS Kids gimmick of having live-action kids intertwined on the show... I'm sure they were looking to cut costs for production.

I also didn't really care for the redesign for Buster's dad... you know, prior to PFB, anytime we got any kind of glimpse of his dad, be it in a photo, or briefly in a flashback, he pretty much looked like an adult version of Buster... but here, he looks like a creepy albino man with bunny ears protruding out the top of his head.  :o

It was also a little odd trying to adjust to Buster carrying on the show himself, after all those years of being used to Arthur being the star, and Buster being his second banana.

See I didn't really have a problem transitioning to Buster being the star. For some reason it just seemed to all immediately fit into place for me.

But come to think of it, it would have been awesome if PFB was entirely animated instead, sill showing different places in animated form. (Similar to Toot and Puddle, if you've seen that show)


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