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Re: Joe Fallon
« on: January 13, 2013, 11:44:31 pm »
quote-I know around the same time Cinar got busted for that tax fraud scandal is when former head writer Joe Fallon also walked away from the show (some speculate they had to let him go, as he was among those "foreigners" being passed as Canadian citizens, as he is originally from Los Angeles); I also know that because of that, they dropped "Crazy Bus" as D.W.'s favorite song, because it was Fallon who not only wrote the song, but performed the vocals as well.[/i]

I want to clarify a point in the note above because it sounds scandalous.

The writers on Arthur still are and have always been mostly American citizens. The are not hired by Cinar/Cookie Jar/9Story so they would not have been dismissed by Cinar.  Joe nor any of the writers on Arthur were implicated in the Cinar scandal and the scandal didn't apply to Arthur anyway because it never qualified as a Canadian production. You can't a have a co production with an American company to qualify. Anyway it was a sad day when Joe left because he was such a great writer. He  left because of conflict that he had with Marc Brown. Joe left the show a  year or so  before any news of tax fraud at Cinar came up.

Peter Hirsch is American and has been the head writer on the series since Joe left the job.

 Ken Scarborough was the first head writer. Both Ken and Joe came over from Doug to start up the Arthur series.

Crazy Bus was dropped at one point because you need to pay a royalty on music like that everytime you use it. Since Joe was the head writer then there is a point when adding it to the scipt becomes a conflict of interest. Though I believe the song was even used once after Joe had left the show.