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Author Topic: Cast in Other Projects  (Read 1214 times)

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Re: Cast in Other Projects
« on: September 26, 2012, 09:09:44 pm »
Again, she didn't do any major character voices on Arthur, but after watching both Wimzie and Lulu so many times, I've detected her voice for various one-shot characters throughout Arthur over the years. Muffy's hairstylist from "Francine's Bad Hair Day" and the waitress at the diner and the tour guide at Flo's Fudge Factory from "Arthur's Family Vacation" are some of the one-shot characters I've heard her voice from.

I have wondered though if she's the voice of Mrs. Frensky, the voice seems really similar, but I don't know for certain.

But at any rate, she's another Canadian voice actress.
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