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Author Topic: Arthur's VA's  (Read 838 times)

Bionic Bunny

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Re: Arthur's VA's
« on: November 23, 2013, 02:11:15 pm »
After thinking about it a bit more,here are my new opinions:
Michael Yarmush:His voice in season 1 was a bit higher than it was later on,but good nonetheless.His voice in seasons 2-4 was steady and consistent,and in season 5,he sounded around 14 or so,not at all like he did the last 4 seasons.(It's not as bad in the Christmas special,though)
Mark Rendall:He sounded more like season 1 Arthur in seasons 6-7,and a bit more deeper in season 8-kinda like seasons 2-4 voice.
Drew Adkins:I'm sorry,but he sounds like a little girl.Should've tried out for D.W.,Drew.