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Bionic Bunny:
Recently,I discovered that some new Arthur DVDs have been released.Unfortunately,there are no season sets and they will most likely stop selling the old ones.Anyway,they all cost only $9.99 on the PBS website.Here are the titles:
1."Arthur Stands Up To Bullying"
2."Arthur's Perfect Christmas"
3."Arthur's Music Jamboree"
4."Hooray For Health"
5."Arthur's Outdoor Adventures"
Anyway,I think "Hooray For Health" and "Arthur's Outdoor Adventures"  contain many episodes from the first five seasons,while "Stands Up To Bullying" includes two episodes from Season 16.

Mr. Rocketburn:
The episodes on these DVDs are...

Arthur Stands Up To Bullying
"The Last Tough Customer / Brain's Chess Mess" (16-6)
"So Funny I Forgot to Laugh / The Best Day Ever" (16-10)

Arthur's Music Jamboree
"Arthur Plays the Blues / Buster's Sweet Success" (6-2)
"My Music Rules / That's a Baby Show!" (4-10)
"Arthur vs. the Piano / The Big Blow-Up" (2-8)
"Muffy's Soccer Shocker / Brother, Can You Spare a Clarinet?" (6-4)

Hooray For Health
"Arthur's Chicken Pox / Sick as a Dog" (1-18)
"Arthur's Tooth / D.W. Gets Lost" (1-24)
"D.W. the Picky Eater / Buster and the Daredevils" (2-3)
"Just Desserts / The Big Dig" (5-9)

Arthur's Travel Adventures (not "Outdoor")
"D.W. Goes to Washington / Arthur's Mystery Envelope" (2-10)
"Arthur Goes to Camp / Buster Makes the Grade" (1-7)
"Arthur's Family Vacation / Grandpa Dave's Old Country Farm" (1-15)
"It's a No-Brainer / The Shore Thing" (5-3)

The "Perfect Christmas" DVD has only said episode with no other episodes. I remember both it and a VHS were advertised on PBS after it was broadcast many years ago.

Bionic Bunny:
Thanks for clearing up that mistake I made on "Arthur's Travel Adventures".

Crossover Dreamer:
I would buy "Arthur's Music Jamboree" just for "Arthur vs. the Piano," "The Big Blow-Up," "Muffy's Soccer Shocker," and "Brother, Can You Spare a Clarinet?" Those are some funny episodes. I'm just glad it doesn't have "Arthur's Not-Real, Almost-Live Music Festival." The DVD with my least favorite episodes is "Hooray for Health."

Bionic Bunny:
WHAT?????!!!!!!!!!!!You don't like "Arthur's Almost Live Not Real Music Festival"???!!!It's one of the best episodes!!!!!Well,I guess not everybody likes the same thing....


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