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Characters / Re: Couples
« on: August 04, 2018, 07:23:50 pm »
My ships
Arthur x Fern (I can name a million of reasons but I will only name a few. When it comes to times of like "Arthur's Big Hit", she was the most calmest and mature of the group, not like Francine and Muffy, who immediately freak out on him and plus, she is very nice to him, like when he made a joke, she laughed at it, so if things with Francine don't so well, he can go straight to Fern and besides, they would make a cute couple. P.S. he got so happy in "Arthur's It Only Rock and Roll" when Fern was on stage singing) 
Francine x Muffy (their sistership is very close, so clearly they're meant for each other)
George x Jenna (Like Arthur and Fern, they would make a cute couple)
Binky x Sue Ellen (look at "Bully for Binky")
Buster x Ladonna (same species and they would make a cute couple as well)

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