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Title: Buster the Myth Maker questions
Post by: YoshiWii1 on October 03, 2012, 11:12:16 pm
1) In the beginning, Buster said he that a guy found a rat in a bottle of a grape drink. Wouldn't the company or the store notice that a rat in a water bottle like drink? 2) Has Buster not heard of trolling? Trolls post false information just to fool people into believing something happened but really didn't. 3) Why did they put Chinese kanji on the Siberian Tiger box? Siberia is in Russia! 4) Siberian Tigers are supposed to have some white on them. Why are the tigers solid orange? 5) Why on earth would Arthur and Buster go meet a stranger at the ice cream shop when they didn't even know his name? 6) Wouldn't the other kids suspect Brain is trying to rob the place by wearing a ski mask? 7) Wouldn't Arthur and Buster know it was Brain right away by the sound of his voice? 8) If the Brain posted a false story on the internet about a dangerous situation involving tigers, would the police track down his IP Address?
Title: Re: Buster the Myth Maker questions
Post by: YoshiWii1 on October 11, 2012, 08:27:04 pm
Title: Re: Buster the Myth Maker questions
Post by: Muppetfan on October 12, 2012, 02:48:40 pm
1. Remember this though: if Buster believed anything that he read, that easily could have just been a myth that he accepted as fact.

2. Note that Buster is in third grade. He's not technologically advanced enough to get a true understanding of how people abuse the internet.

3. I can't help you there.  :P

4. Once again, I'm no animal expert...

5. That is a valid point, and I'm not entirely sure. Curiosity kills the cat, I guess. Plus they also probably knew that Mrs. Powers would be there, meaning that they had some security blanket, or sorts.

6. Maybe, but then again, what would they do? Call the police? Even if they did, I would imagine that Mrs. Powers (who knew it was Brain) would keep the situation under control.

7. They could, but if the police tracked down every IP to find the source of endangering stories, it would be a never ending revolving door of stories.
Title: Re: Buster the Myth Maker questions
Post by: LovingBeagles on February 16, 2013, 12:27:53 am
Hi, I'm new to this forum, so this is going to be my first forum post.

As for questions 3 and 4, remember that could very well be Buster's imagination, since he is narrating. It may not be reality.

But here are some other possible answers.
As for why the tigers are solid orange, that's probably because adding white to them may have made coloration and animation more complicated. But, like I said, it could very well be just Buster's imagination.
Also I looked at a map of areas inhabited by Siberian Tigers, and the highlighted area showed was quite close to Manchuria/Northern China. That could be why there are Chinese characters on the box.