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Title: Guess That Show!
Post by: A Lotta Moms on December 20, 2013, 08:08:32 pm
Can you guess which show I'm talking about?

1.  The main character is pretty much bald and wears a yellow shirt.  His main trait is being quite ordinary.  At one point, he has a crush on a girl who will never love him back.
2.  He has a pet dog who lives in a little world of his own.
3.  His little sister usually wears a pink dress.
4.  His best friend is a little strange and believes in supernatural things.  He's also known to suck his thumb.
5.  One of his best female friends is butch, outgoing, great at sports, assertive, had a crush on him in early episodes, and many of the show's fans suspect her of being a lesbian.
6.  His other main female playmate is stuck-up, condescending, has her own "professional" enterprise, and often talks using stilted adult/business terminology.  She has a delusional crush on a musician.  During Halloween, she dresses up as a witch.
7.  A secondary character is a girl with curly red hair tied up in tails who usually wears yellow and/or a cooler color like blue or purple.
8.  He only has one African-American friend who we know of.
9.  A very special episode deals with cancer.
Title: Re: Guess That Show!
Post by: JAO93 on December 20, 2013, 11:09:15 pm
Peanuts, by Charles Schulz.

I was almost fooled. For a good few seconds, I had another show in mind.  8)
Title: Re: Guess That Show!
Post by: A Lotta Moms on December 20, 2013, 11:38:40 pm
Ding ding ding!  Correct!  Of course, Arthur would have been equally correct.   ;D

It's amazing how much the two share in common.  I have to wonder how much is coincidental and how much was directly inspired by Peanuts.  Also, there's the fact that both shows make effective use of traditionally-black music styles, which is very unconventional for cartoons.  With Peanuts, it was jazz.  With Arthur, it's the reggae theme song. 

 I suppose great minds think alike.
Title: Re: Guess That Show!
Post by: Shimakada on March 06, 2018, 03:29:18 am
I look forward to making it a good one and want to make it great.