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Title: Another day, another newbie
Post by: JAO93 on August 18, 2013, 05:34:44 am
Just another Arthur fan dropping by to say "hi" and stick around for a while.

I grew up sporadically watching the Arthur series, then watching it nearly every day after my old favorite program ("Shining Time Station") was canned by PBS in 1998. I also read the books, the originals and the chapter books - the originals were best, I think.

Although I drifted away from the series by 2003 (just got tired of it - as blunt as that seems) I was recently called back to the earlier episodes - I still find them entertaining. My resident PBS stations no longer air the original episodes (last airing I recall was the Christmas special last year - I just had to keep it on) which I think is a shame. I did catch one of the newer episodes recently, but I'll save that for another thread.

Right, cya around.
Title: Re: Another day, another newbie
Post by: Crossover Dreamer on August 27, 2013, 11:01:21 am
Hi, JAO93! I liked Shining Time Station, too. I miss that show, and many others on PBS. I also got tired of Arthur in 2003, right after TV Land canceled my favorite sitcom Get Smart. In my opinion, there weren't very many good kids' shows, either new or reruns, on then. But I did like Dragon Tales and Clifford the Big Red Dog on PBS; Recess and Disney's Doug on The Disney Channel; and the original Doug on Nick.