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Okay, That's it for Me


Snowth Woogle:
I can't do this anymore, I've gotten tired of the whole thing; as someone else pointed out, all that's going on around here anymore is a troll obsessing over Bud taking off his hat, and others feeding him, giving him a reason to still be here and annoy us. I've had enough with the whole thing, personally.

So until Hubert ever returns to straighten things up and we can get back to abnormal around here, I'm going to have to take a much-needed break from this place.

There's always room at The Elwood City slums if you want to take a break from here.
Check it out.

A Lotta Moms:

Bionic Bunny:
So long,bro.Hopefully Muppetfan will come back someday.


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