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Bionic Bunny:
Does anybody like any classic TV shows from the early '60s to late '70s?For me,two shows that really stand out are THE ANDY GRIFFITH SHOW and GOMER PYLE,U.S.M.C. "Andy Griffith" was always so warm and welcoming,or at least until 1965 when they started filming it in color and Barney Fife disappeared due tp Don Knotts leaving after his contract ran out.Meanwhile,"Gomer Pyle" was hilarious...the idea to send a bumbling gas station attendant to the Marines was was even better by not focusing on Vietnam(the time period in which it aired) and instead focused on Gomer and the Sarge's relationship,which helped it run for 5 seasons.

Snowth Woogle:
Yes, yes, YES! I LOVE classic TV, it's just about the only TV I ever really watch, aside from anything Muppet or Krofft related. Some of my favorites are...

THE ANDY GRIFFITH SHOW (I'm in the south, where Andy's been a part of my life almost as long as Big Bird has, so when he died last year, I seriously felt like I lost a member of my own family)
M*A*S*H (My all-time favorite show)
Rocky and Bullwinkle

I'm such a big dork over classic TV, I try to give my own production work the sense of television of yesteryears (mainly because I absolutely despise most of the garbage that is modern TV), right down the laugh track (seriously, I'm using the same laugh track that was used on all those old shows).

A Lotta Moms:
The original TWILIGHT ZONE has always been one of my favorites.  Even today, its plots remain fresh and entertaining. 

Moving forward in time a bit, it's goofy, but I was really hooked on FACTS OF LIFE up until a few months ago.  Blair & Jo had a nearly perfect Muffy/Francine dynamic going on with the whole spoiled rich girl/scrappy poor girl cliche'.

As a side note, if you're a M*A*S*H fan and remember Dr. Sidney Friedman (Alan Arbus), you simply must check him out as Christ in the 1972 Western GREASER'S PALACE, directed by Robert Downey Jr.'s completely insane father.  I know for a fact it's available on Youtube, and I've heard it's fallen into public domain at this point. 

That said, I apologize in advance if anyone actually watches it.  It ranks as one of the most idiotic movies ever made.  8)

Bionic Bunny:
If anyone's interested,I just created an ANDY GRIFFITH SHOW  forum on
The URL address is
Please somebody join.I'm the only one there!

The original Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends is still an gold-tier classic in my eyes.

I also like other vintage British cartoons - Spot the Dog, Microscopic Milton, Towser, and Paddington Bear.


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