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Author Topic: What if Prunella Deegan got ran over by a car?  (Read 365 times)


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Re: What if Prunella Deegan got ran over by a car?
« on: October 27, 2013, 10:52:56 pm »
Instead of your assumed intentions to abolish a decidedly-annoying character*, it would turn into another "Very Special" episode revolving around the hospital system.

* I always thought she was funny, albeit ungrateful every now and again - oh well.

Speaking of hospitals, let's count up every time an Arthur Character has gotten sick, injured, gone to a hospital/doctor, or forced by writers to suffer some type of ailment as part of an episode:

1. Arthur's Chicken Pox
2. Sick As A Dog
3. Arthur's Tooth
4. Arthur's Knee
5. Buster's Breathless
6. The Boy With His Head In The Clouds
7. Jenna's Bedtime Blues
8. Is There A Doctor In The House?
9. Vomitrocious
10. Arthur Weighs In (?)
11. Binky Goes Nuts
12. Operation D.W.
13. Germophobia
14. The Great MacGrady
15. The Wheel Deal

I'm sure I've missed a few in this list, and there are a few that almost count, such as So Long, Spanky and Arthur's eyes, but I didn't count them here.