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Author Topic: Unrealism in Arthur?  (Read 532 times)


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Re: Unrealism in Arthur?
« on: October 20, 2012, 03:32:45 pm »
Also, I still stand by my claim that "Sue Ellen Chickens Out" paints a very broad picture of business: I think in a real-life scenario, Mr. Manino really wouldn't have much say in the fate of the Sugar Bowl, and despite Sue Ellen's little protest, or even Mr. Manino changing his mind about selling, the Sugar Bowl would have closed anyway, and Chickin Lickin' would have set up a new location there.
I always thought it was weird how Sue Ellen and co. went right to protesting Chickin Lickin'. At that point all Chickin Lickin did was express interest in purchasing a property that was being sold. If anything, they should have protested Mr. Manino's decision to sell, or tried to look for someone else to buy the Sugar Bowl and keep it open.

We had our own little Sue Ellen Chickens Out moment here in my town (which, coincientally, is named Lakewood :)). McDonald's wanted to buy an old movie theater, tear it down and build a restaurant there. There was a lot of protest, a lot of petitioning to City Hall, a lot of attempts to get local entrepreneurs to buy the property and keep the theater running, but in the end the building was torn down and the McDonald's popped up a few months later.