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Author Topic: Unrealism in Arthur?  (Read 539 times)


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Re: Unrealism in Arthur?
« on: October 20, 2012, 01:54:21 pm »
Arthur has always been about everyday kids facing everyday problems. But has anyone noticed some fantastical events going on in the series as of late?

For example, "To Eat or Not to Eat." A company starts selling candy that makes kids run around with sparkles coming out of their mouths? And candy with radioactive elements in it?

And even more recently, in "Based on a True Story," though I know that something unbelievable had to happen to Ladonna at the end in order for the story to work correctly, but a raccoon taking hat? An abundance of coins pouring out of a soda machine?

I even found the guy bringing a koala into the preschool to be a tad unreasonable.

The soda machine thing that has happened to me before. Many times as a matter of fact. That can be considered realistic.