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Author Topic: The Tone of Arthur  (Read 501 times)

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Re: The Tone of Arthur
« on: November 09, 2013, 01:21:48 pm »
heh..yeah, I was really going on a rant just then... :-\ sorry. what I meant to say was, I thought the original problem was that the 80's writers didn't intend for it to become as popular as it did (though I am sure they appreciated it.) and when adults and even teens enjoyed the heart and humor, somebody got a little to excited, and since they didn't quite know how to handle the fandom, they just took it for granted that they could sell the show off to companies with less talent, and the show would still be popular. also, I don't think that when a show gets sold to a different company, it comes with the same writers and producers. but even if it does, the company in charge will still influence it, maybe to try to copy what it was like before, or maybe try to bring a "modern" feel to the show. whatever happens, the change in tone, which I perceive as the rise of annoying preachiness, as opposed to heartfelt life lessons, and the downfall of witty humor and nostalgic Arthur-ness, replaced with wacky, told-a-million-times jokes where the funniest it gets is slapstick, and a "modern" way of doing things, which works with some shows, and not at all well with others. although, as I have stated before, I do see a slight rise in overall quality of the episodes as they come out, and hopefully the episodes will soon be close to the normal standard. I think story9 is starting to understand that to make Arthur work, they need to take a leaf out of cinar(cookie jar's? whatever. the name of the first company that produced arthur)'s book, and make Arthur the way that it was made before. with a little bit of a modern tough, but not piled on the way it was in season 16. ugh.

Don't take all of me too seriously. This topic just really gets me steamed, but I tried to be clearer this time. Kudos if you actually read the whole thing.  ;D
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