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Author Topic: The Tone of Arthur  (Read 536 times)

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Re: The Tone of Arthur
« on: November 08, 2013, 06:50:52 pm »
the original Arthur was written by...someone... who had a good sense of humor. when Arthur was sold off to its second company, they thought that since everyone liked Arthur so much, that anyone who made the episodes could make them as well as anyone else, and everyone would still like it. compared to other cartoons of the age, Arthur was the only kids show that was funny enough (and had enough heart.) that kids and adults fell in love with it. in fact, Arthur was probably the first kids show to have an adult fan base, however, since that was a relatively new concept, the people in charge didn't know how to handle it well.
look at My Little Pony, for instance, (yes, I am a Brony.) the people who make that are considerate of the fan base, and keep the quality (animation and otherwise) up to its normal standards. Arthur could have been more popular with fan boys and girls than it is right now (and it is still pretty popular, but only the really old episodes are watched, and really treated as canon.) if people didn't hand it around to different production company's and bring the quality to an all time low.
 the people (currently) in charge are being pretty inconsiderate to forget that adults and tweens are watching and hoping that the animation company's will remember that this show DOES have a fanbase. but this fanbase is gonna get really pissed if the people in charge keep on thinking that the show is popular enough that they can make the episodes so crappy and preachy. >:(

sorry. rant.
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