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Author Topic: Season 17  (Read 8638 times)


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Re: Season 17
« Reply #135 on: December 15, 2013, 10:30:04 pm »
I just caught the Hebrew version of "Caught in the Crosswires" on YouTube (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-e18Sky3-Sg).

From my very, very, very basic knowledge of the Hebrew language (and a little help from Google Translator) it was actually a good episode from what little I understood from the dialogue. It definitely does make up for Muffy's poor character development in the 9storyverse eps. I did think the parody of reality shows was a bit dated, though.

POSSIBLE SPOILERS AHEAD, if you'd rather wait for the English version to air...

The highlight of the episode was Muffy asking Bailey if she is spoiled, and him answering "It's a possibility." Bailey then asks Muffy if he is spineless, and she tells him he's the bravest man she's ever known (apart from her dad, of course).

Bailey definitely has become a surrogate father to Muffy, further evidenced by the fact that her parents completely ignore her throughout the episode as they try to hog the cameras' attention with their Crosswire Motors advertisements.

Another scene I liked was J. Cube (the reality show producer) trying to amp up the drama in the show by convincing Muffy that the soup Bailey served her was scalding hot, and Muffy arguing that it isn't...
J. Cube: Bailey served you a bowl of boiling hot soup? What kind of monster does such a thing?
Muffy: Um, it isn't that hot.
J. Cube: But it could have been.
Muffy: But it's not.
J. Cube: Maybe a little?
Muffy: No, it isn't.
At least that's what I got out of translating it. I just found that scene to be funny for some reason.

Some other things...
- Bailey is revealed to be 37 years old.
- Mommie Dearest reference ("Wire hangers?! WIRE HANGERS?!")
- Not specific to the episode, but the Hebrew version of Buster sounds like Gollum from the Lord of the Rings films.
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