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Author Topic: Season 17  (Read 8638 times)

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Re: Season 17
« Reply #135 on: December 10, 2013, 12:45:33 pm »
Ah, now that some new episodes are available...

-It was good to see Marina again, albeit briefly. 
-Likewise, it was kinda neat to see Katherine and Chip together on a date in Yumbobo...but alas, it's just in Brain's thoughts. 
-Muffy really does seem to be falling into a generic and uninteresting role.  I think Wildstar pointed this out this in the Vomitrocious post, and I'm really starting to see it now.  She's pulled the backfiring marketing assistance thing too many times now.  I'm really hoping that she shows some character development and dynamic in Caught in the Crosswires.
-I was also hoping Molly would have a speaking role or at least do something more significant, but she seems to be entirely a background character so far this season.  I suspect this may be her fate from this point forward, given that her character pretty much ran its course and found closure in The Last Tough Customer.  If she's effectively finished, then at least it was a beautiful character arc.  Still, this would have been a great opportunity for her to be a Tough Consumer and wreak havoc on Yumbobo.

Director's Cut is also available on Youtube, btw.  It's next on my list.
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