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Author Topic: Season 17  (Read 6578 times)

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Re: Season 17
« Reply #15 on: November 13, 2013, 12:43:23 pm »
Very true...

...although, it raises the question of whether or not those scenes were merely part of another one of Ladonna's stories in which she was simply watching as a passive, first-person observer.

In fact, we are now left to wonder whether or not the RV, the Read house, Arthur himself, Elwood City, and the entire Arthur universe isn't just part of an elaborate fantasy world that exists inside of Ladonna's imagination.  Something that she, a sad and lonely girl, has been imagining as a passive observer for the past 16 years.  This would explain why she is taller and older-looking than her peers, and perhaps why she is the only central character who is from a real-world location. 

Now, as she reaches adulthood, the barrier between fantasy and reality has begun to dissolve as she finds herself interacting directly with this dream world.  Indeed, her very introduction into the series was marked by a harsh lesson that she should stop lying and fantasizing.  This was a cryptic messenger symbolizing her realization that the disparate worlds of fantasy and reality cannot continue to coexist for long. 

Soon, one of two things must happen: (1) the fantasy world will collapse abruptly and the show will be cancelled; or (2) she will lose all touch with the real world and live the remainder of her schizophrenic life as an anthropomorphic bunny in a safe, happy, animated fantasy world.

This will be the premise of her new spinoff series.  Filmed in black and white celluloid.  Directed by David Lynch.

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