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Author Topic: Season 17  (Read 8638 times)

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Re: Season 17
« Reply #15 on: November 12, 2013, 09:21:38 pm »
I loved the latest episode.  Ladonna was great in Party Animal, and is quickly becoming my favorite character.  I hope they spin her off into her own series.  Plus, it's hard to go wrong with a festive Autumn setting.   

Favorite moment: "I promised Binky I'd bake the Tibbles at 3:00..." :D
Creepiest moment: Bud sitting by Ladonna's bed and watching her while she's sleeping.  Seriously...what the heck? :P

1. Gee whiz, Ladonna's bedroom is HUGE... is her family rich or something? And why does she have two beds in her bedroom? I thought she might share her room with Bud, but apparently he has his own room.

I've also noticed the size of her house and how odd it was that she had two beds in her bedroom.  At first, I assumed she maybe shared it with her sister, but it doesn't have the appearance of being a shared room.  If her father's a Captain in the Army, it might be feasible.  With, say, 15 years in service, a wife and four kids, he'd make about $104,000 a year.  He'd probably also get a substantial break on other things like mortgages and car loans through the GI Bill.   

I know this might be off topic, but I've noticed that almost all of the characters in Elwood City seem to be pretty well off -- except for Francine, of course.  It's a bit irksome seeing everyone living like that while the "less fortunate kid" on the block is the one whose lifestyle is really much closer to that of the average American family.     

One more thing I do have to bring up... maybe it's just me, but I kept getting a shiptease vibe between Arthur and Ladonna throughout the whole show... anyone else?

I agree regarding the "shiptease" observation near the end.  It almost seemed romantic how they walked off together into what could have just as well been a sunset.

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