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Author Topic: Inconsistencies & Inter-Episode Goofs  (Read 804 times)

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Re: Inconsistencies & Inter-Episode Goofs
« on: March 13, 2013, 01:15:18 pm »
I took a look again: there's a scene transition in the form of a calendar on the wall, with all the days being marked off. The month on the calendar is May, and May 31st, according to the calendar, is a Thursday... then, we hear Buster's voice-over of his latest lunch journal, dated as June 2nd, which according to the two blank spaces on the calendar, would mean June 2nd would be a Saturday.

But yeah, where I live, the school system usually sent us kids back to school early-to-mid August or so, while the last day of school was usually like May 25 or so (ballparking it), so it always seems really strange to me whenever a kid is talking about, or still attending school, at any point during the month of June.
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