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Author Topic: A Change of Seasons  (Read 553 times)


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Re: A Change of Seasons
« on: January 20, 2013, 12:08:16 am »
Recently I've been thinking about seasons in Arthur. I always find it interesting about how they've incorporated winter and autumn into the series. You have to give them credit, they actually try to simulate seasons, unlike some shows that seem to only take place in the springtime.

But something struck me recently: from the previews of the first episode of season 16, it appears it takes place in the winter. It just is interesting that they would place an episode in that time period for no reason, unless part of the plot somehow involves Ladonna never seeing snow before?

This is an interesting topic. Most of the kids animated series take place in summer at daytime (usually around noon, because of the shadows). In Arthur, the script writers tried to mixt seasons up to create the illusion of real life. It give more substance to the everyday life of the characters. What I can tell you, is when a winter episode came up to the design team, it was like: "here's comes overtime blues!" because of the adapting of the reuse locations; Taking the leaves off te trees and putting them in a natural fashion on the ground, adding snow on the streets, rooftops and yards. It was hard work but to this day I believe Arthur was the best serie ever! That is part of the reason young boys and girls and older too can relate so much to these fabulous normal kids that lives in the Arthur universe.

That is so true.