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Author Topic: Arthur: the roleplay!  (Read 844 times)


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Re: Arthur: the roleplay!
« on: December 01, 2013, 03:36:46 pm »
NAME: Buster Baxter
ROLE: High school student, same age as Arthur.
AGE: 16
BACKSTORY: Over the span of eight years, Buster has become closer to his dad, but still lives with his mom. He is still friends with the gang, his friendship with Arthur is as described by Bionic Bunny in his declaration post.
PERSONALITY: Buster still bears a strong resemblance to his old self. He cares a bit more about school now, but won't stress himself out with taking advanced classes. He joined the football team in his sophomore year (following Bionic Bunny's post). He is just beginning to notice his friendship drifting with Arthur, but he wants to save it, although he wants to try to juggle this task with maintaining his friendship with his other new friends. For about a year now, Bo has also been teaching Buster how to fly airplanes, making him cooler in the eyes of much of the gang, but it is secretly a source of jealously for Arthur.
APPEARANCE: Besides being taller, Buster is a little bit more clean now (but not too clean), and although he varies his outfit now, he still wears cyan shirts often.