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Author Topic: Muffy Gets Real  (Read 3303 times)

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Re: Muffy Gets Real
« on: December 04, 2013, 02:55:43 pm »
Oh, please... don't... don't do anything like that, please? I really don't want to start up any kind of trouble for anybody. Besides... it's my own fault it happened. He told me so.

But the plans are already in motion!  Why, George has already started carving a wooden plaque to mount Bailey's head on.  We're planning on presenting it to Maria once the job is finished. 

We're getting together to make things better...by working together. 

I have a better idea. Have you heard of the story of the Little Mermaid? The mermaid gives up her beautiful voice in exchange for becoming a human so she can live on land with the prince whose life she had saved.

If that's the case, it would definitely explain a lot of things.  Like Maria's very long dress, which conveniently covers up her mermaid tail.  Or the fact that her socks are so soggy and wet-looking all the time.  It looks like poor Alex will never know the truth about who saved him from drowning at Muffy's pool party. 

(No spoilers, but the Disney movie hijacks the ending. I prefer the original book.)

Alas, it's not the first fairy tale ending Disney's hijacked and whitewashed.  The funny thing is that even Andersen's Little Mermaid was itself a toned-down version is even more tragic and gruesome story:


Fantasy hurts, doesn't it?

"Mommy, what's wrong with Buster?"