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Author Topic: Molly Gets Made!  (Read 403 times)

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Re: Molly Gets Made!
« on: December 27, 2013, 03:42:39 pm »
Aw, shucks   ;D   I'd pass your kind words on to Molly, but I'm afraid she'd put me through several worlds of pain if she ever found out I've created a fully-articulated 3D model of her that I can command at will.
After working more with Molly for a day or so, I'd like to make either Maria, Francine or Ladonna in 3D.  I went with Molly first, as she's easier due to her eyes being covered.

Regarding emotionally-jarring real-life photoshops, I can foresee a few possibilities in the near future.  I've heard that Fern's Big Boss Bar addiction has wrought havoc on her in recent years, so I may have to share the before-and-after results with the world as a precaution. 
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