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Author Topic: A New Beginning Chapter 4  (Read 387 times)


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A New Beginning Chapter 4
« on: February 25, 2013, 10:33:07 pm »
Fern and Adam walked down the street toward the Animal Hospital. Adam eyes kept moving around at the people walked pass by. Adam was a bit nervous of the many different people in this world. Faces were not human to Adam. Rabbits, Bears, Aardvarks, and Ducks are not what Adam considered normal. Then again the people were also starring at Adam. It seems that in this world humans do not exist. It was definitely the planet of the animals to Adam. "I did not ask you what your name is." Fern said breaking the tension. Adam is turned to stare at Fern. Fern had a big smile on her face. It seemed to impale Adams fear, just like the comfort of the doctor that he met at the hospital. "My name is Adam." Adam said. "I am a Pokémon trainer from Toronto, Canada." Adam was not someone who holds back. Throughout Adams journey he had thrown himself into many conflicts that he would ever have done other than if he had remained at home. Fern was surprised that Adam was willing to share that information. "My name is Fern." Fern said. "I am a student at Lakewood Elementary here in Elwood City." "I never heard of Elwood city." Adam replied. "I have traveled nearly the entire Kanto region, visited many gyms, and defeated a lot of Pokémon. Yet I still never heard of Elwood city." Fern frowned at the thought that this new comer is an adventure, he would eventually leave and she would be left alone with Raichu and her parents. At her school she is friends with many of the kids, but lately she has been picked on by her friends. She is quite, sweet, smart and imaginative. Yet there are times when she wishes that she knew why her friends are changing. Maybe for the moment she would be relieved of all her problems at school. The two continued walking quietly toward the animal hospital. The animal hospital was a white wooded building with a wooden door; a bush grew next to a small stairs that lead to the door. On the other side there is a brick wall with a small window. The two entered the hospital. Inside the hospital was covered with purple wallpaper, with green strips and dots. The waiting room had one window. There were metal chairs with blue pillows on them. There are pictures of cats and dogs on the wall. People were sitting around waiting for the veterinarian. There was a single glass window next to a wooden door. A small sign next to the window said "Please ring bell for assistance." Adam found the bell on the ledge. He ranged it three times. A brown bear assistant appeared at the window. "Could I help you?" said the assistant. Adam shuddered at the site of the female assistance. Adam shook his head and spoke up. "I am here for my Pokémon." said Adam nervously. Fern placed her hand on Adams hand. Adam looked toward her and she smiled at him. Two seem to have some sort of connection. A timely connection that is not of lovers but of a brother and sister relationship. Adams courage seems to blooms. "My name is Adam. I am here for my Furret and my other Pokémon." said Adam bravely. "Ok sir, I will be back with your Pokémon in a few seconds." In no matter of time, a male rabbit wearing a white coat appeared from the door. "Excuse me sir, but I have something for you." Five Pokémon appeared through the door way. The first, was an orange monkey with a brown chest appeared. It had a flame lite on its tail. It had a blue mask over its eyes and a cow lick on its top of his head. "Monferno," Adam screamed. Monferno gave Adam a big hug. Next a large reptile appeared from the door. It was heavily weighed down at the knees. It had a plant growing on its plant. "Ivysaur." Adam cried. Ivysaur released its vines and another big hug seemed to hold him tight. The third Pokémon appeared not through the door but through the wall. It was a blue jellyfish with five tentacles’ and a crown on its head. There was a huge smile on his face. "Frillish great to see you." Adam smiled. The next one a spikey mole, with large sharp claws, it had a light brown stomach, yellow body and brown spins. "Sandslash." Adam screamed. Furret appeared through the door. "Furret my old friend." The veterinarian explained that there was nothing wrong with him. He just fainted from exhaustion. Finally the last Pokémon appeared. It flouted into the room. It was a pink cat with small arms and large feet. It had a long tail. It was smiling at the site of Adam. "Mew, I guess it is time to go." Adam said softly. Mew smiled at Adam once again. It closed its eyes and purple and blue light surround Mew. Then around Adam. Adam smiled and looked at Fern. Fern starred at the site. "Mew, Teleport." Adam screamed. The light surrounds all the Pokémon and Adam. Then they disappeared. Fern and the people in the room were surprised at the move. But, in matter of seconds they all reappeared. Adam looked around. Mew this is not the Fushsia City. Mew sighed. "Mew." Adam just then realized that there was no point trying it again. He now knows there is no point; he is trapped in this world.
End of Chapter 4

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Re: A New Beginning Chapter 4
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Is there any way I can get more information and knowledge from you.