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A New Beginning Chapter 3


Fern ran to a nearby house. She banged on the door until a male rabbit appeared. "There is a child in the park. He looks hurt." Said Fern. "Please, he needs help." The male dog turned around and headed in side. Fern confused started banging on the door. "Please, help him." She screamed. She collapsed and started crying. Seconds later the door opened and the male dog appeared. "Kid, help is on its way." Said the male dog. Fern stand up smiled and hugged the man. She ran back to the forest where Adam and Furret were lying unconscious. Raichu stood guard over the bodies of Adam and Furret. Sparks of electricity had been sparking from its checks. Raichu ears peaked up as a squirrel ran passed by. Raichu was diligent of keeping care of Adam and Furret; he remembers time when Fern found him outside during a Thunderstorm and how Fern raised him back to full health. His eyes and ears moved around the forest. He hears another noise. The sound was getting closer and closer. "Rai" Raichu growled. Fern appeared from behind a bush. Raichu smiled as Fern approached them. "Raichu good news." Said Fern. "Rai" said excitedly. "Help is on its way." Fern said. "Rai, Rai." Raichu smiled. Few minutes’ later sirens could be heard around them. Glimpses of Male Bear Paramedics race through the forest to Fern, Raichu and the unconscious bodies. In a nearby hospital code red was issued to doctors and nurses. As the paramedics rolled in the stretcher of Adam. The doctors took control of the stretcher carrying Adam. The doctors peered into Adams' eyes, searching for a sign of life in the body. Fern followed behind slowly as the paramedics run back to the ambulance to take the unconscious Furret to the animal hospital. A male monkey doctor approached Fern. "You know this person?" Said the doctor. Fern just shooked her head no. "Hmm." The doctor replied. "I guess we have a John Doe." Frowned the doctor. He looked at the clocked and realised that Fern should be at school. Fern stared at the doctor. "Is he going to be OK?" Fern said quietly. The doctor took his eyes off the clock and stared at the blushing girl. Then he realised again, that she was more concerned in the wellbeing of the Adam. Raichu just hugged Ferns leg in protection of his friend needs. The doctor smiled. "I will tell you when he is going to be awake, you just site over in the waiting room for now." Said the doctor. Fern turned and saw a large room with plastic chairs that placed in rows. There were two TVs hanging from the ceiling pointing in different directions. There were a few people in the room. One was reading a magazine. Another was sleeping and the other was fidgeting. Fern sat in a corner seat, opened her bag, pulled out a book, and started reading. A few hours later a bulldog nurse walked into the waiting room. She wore a pink dress and approached Fern slowly. Fern had fell asleep and Raichu was stationed next to her curled up on the next chair. She tapped Fern on the back. "Excuse me, kid." she said quietly. Fern jumped and as Fern jumped Raichu woke up. Fern was groggy; she rubbed the sleep from her eyes. Raichu stretched his arms and tail. The nurse took Ferns hand. Took her and Raichu to see Adam. In a bed stationed in the hall Adam laid their unconscious with a white bandage raped around his head. Fern walked into the hall where Adams bed was placed. The nurse explained that the doctor found a few pieces of id on him, and he has no major head injuries but to be safe they want to keep the bandages on his head until further results are made. Fern walked over to the bed and saw the name on the board. It read Adam and described everything that doctor had found on him they were checking him over. Fern overheard two doctors talking about the patient Adam. It turns out that the id describes him to be a ten year old child with Asthma, but doctor’s results shown no asthma and age appears to be a six year old child, not a ten year old child. The doctor’s argument seemed too disappeared down one of the long hallways. As soon as the doctors disappeared out of hearing range. Adam woke up; a bit dazzled from the injury he sat up. "Where am I?" Adam said. Fern turned back to Adam and smacked her head into the curious young boy. "Ow, that hurts." said Adam. "Why don't you watch were you are......going?" Adam paused and starred at Fern who also rubbing the pain off her head. Then the two gazed into each other’s eyes. "Awwwwww." Adam screamed. "What are you?" Fern realised that now he was more scared of her, then him being in a hospital. "I am a girl" she answered. "I can see that you are a girl, I mean what type girl are you?" Said Adam. "I am a dog that is all." Fern replied. Adam realised that he is missing something important, he starts searching around the bed. Throwing sheets, pillows everything that was sitting on the bed. "What are you looking for?" Fern asked. “I am looking for my Poke balls." he finally answered. "I will ask a nurse that they had seen them." Fern replied. Fern left to find a nurse. It did not take long to find someone. She ran into the doctor who said that would take care of him. "Oh, hello, have you found your friend?" the doctor asked. "Yes." Fern replied. "Good, I am just coming to check on him." Said the doctor. "Is he a wake yet?" "Yes." Fern answered, as they walked back to Adams bed. When they arrived Adam was in a panic. All the bedding was nearly gone and only the metal frame was left. "I see you are a wake young man." The doctor said. Adam stopped and starred at the doctor. "Oh, great a monkey, no too big to be a monkey, I know um a gorilla. Yeah a gorilla." Adam said with a smile. "Let me guess I am dreaming and this is not Planet of the animals." "Sorry, sir but this not a dream. In fact, this very much real." Said the doctor. The doctor sat down and explained that Fern found Adam near the Pond and it was her that got the help. After a while Adam started to relax with the situation he was in. The doctor then explained that they found his Pokedex in his pocket and that what identify him to be Adam. The most shocking reaction is that not only he is not ten years old anymore but six years old, but all the medical conditions seem to have disappeared. "Yes, oh right." Adam screamed in excitement. To Adam almost all his life he had to take vent Olin puffers, he could not play sports like Basketball or Soccer, and definitely will not have to worry about collapse of exhaustion. But the doctor had to do one more test make sure that he was fine. According to his medical profile on his Pokedex he have a disability and want to make sure that there was no change. Adam had another thing on his mind. "Where is my Pokémon?" screamed Adam. "Sorry, I will explain what has happened to them after your final test." Said the doctor. "Come this way ladies and gentlemen." All of them walked through the hospital where they found themselves in a large room, with colourful pictures on the wall. With weird looking equipment. There were a few chairs in the room. The doctor sat down on the chair in front of a computer and asked Adam to sit on the chair next to him. Fern sat on the chair next to the door. For the next hour the doctor tested Adams skills. In the end it was inconclusive, because many of times Adam was asking questions about the question, and words. Proving a few things. Spite his grammar, he could not read, write or do any math. The doctor explained that his Pokémon are at the animal hospital and he may pick them up from there.
End of Chapter 3

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