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Author Topic: Arthur, It's Only Rock and Roll  (Read 1350 times)


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Re: Arthur, It's Only Rock and Roll
« on: January 29, 2013, 03:40:05 pm »
It's too bad it doesn't get shown because it  has some really complicated and great animation and design in it. It had some good music and the story was quite good. Unfortunately it had the Backstreet Boys in it as well. I guess they just aren't as timeless as Christmas. My favorite part is the beginning when they do the animated version of the BSB song I Want it that Way. It's like a shot by shot copy of the rock video that the BSB made only all the characters are animals.

I'm attaching a link that has all the famous people that guest starred on Arthur (though they forgot Koko Taylor and Taj Mahal and Frank Gehry). It also has a video of the recording session with the BSB singing the Arthur theme. It was used on the end of the special. I hope it sounded better than this in the final mix. The sound of it makes me queazy. You can see in the video that the cute one, who is the youngest of them, had gotten a little chubby just before this session.  He came up with a solo album after this but they were pretty well done at this point. AJ had just come out of a well publicized stint in rehab and he looks really in good shape here.
 In Sync had already taken over the top boy band spot. There are some parody names in the special in reference to In Sync. Arthur's breakaway band is called We Stink or something like that.

It's embarrassing to admit it but I kind of liked the special because of the quality and there is lot packed into it. It has that big concert scene at the end which is also pretty well done.