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Author Topic: Arthur's Missing Pal  (Read 844 times)


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Re: Arthur's Missing Pal
« on: January 29, 2013, 03:17:26 pm »
This CGI direct to video feature was done without Cinar partnership so it didn't have any of the creative staff that made the series nor could it use the designs because they were owned by Cinar. It  didn't have  the creative work of Greg Bailey or designers or even many of the voice actors. So that's why the look of the characters and environments and the tone is quite different from everything from the series. You have to remember that the director and designers on the series created the look of the show. When the series started  there were only 6 Arthur books in existance on which to base the animated characters. Marc Brown was involved on the CGI version of the show as well as WGBH.

Marc also tried going it alone on a feature at Warner Brothers sometime after the direct to video feature. But after a couple of years of developement in LA, WB pulled the plug on it.