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Snowth Woogle:
I found this, and thought it was hilarious!

A Lotta Moms:
Nice!   ;D

Perfect for those who thought "A Lotta Moms" was too realistic...

Ladonna Compson:
blah. too unrealistic.

don't really agree with that comic, but its cool someone, y'know, actually acknowledges Arthur like that...

Snowth Woogle:
Well, considering I spent a great deal amount of time at PBS (as an intern, mostly), I can say that... yeah, this is pretty much true-to-life.

This is pretty much the reason why we stopped having pledge drives after 2005: there was a group of radical homeschool parents (yeah, I was homeschooled when I was in high school), most of whom were Conservative Republicans, who went around spreading their anti-PBS propaganda, actually saying, "Just Say No to Clifford (the Big Red Dog)". They were calling for a boycott for PBS Kids shows, such as CLIFFORD THE BIG RED DOG, ARTHUR, SESAME STREET, BARNEY & FRIENDS, MAYA & MIGUEL, among others, on the grounds that they were spreading the gay agenda, "brainwashing" our kids into believe that being gay and accepting gay people is okay, which, God forbid, we should treat gay people like ordinary people, 'cause, like, y'know, being gay is, like, WORSE that murdering people and such. Needless to say, support did, indeed, DROP, so much so that they raised the minimum pledge amount from $20 to $25 per person, and that didn't even help. Our August 2005 pledge drive, we came in way short of our goal, and as such, they stopped having pledge drives altogether.

So, yeah.

I think WPT still does pledge drives - not sure if they did this year as I didn't have cable again until a few months ago.

I'm not going to get in on the gay marriage/marriage equality debate on here, but I do fail in seeing how CLIFFORD promotes the gay crowd, much less any agenda at all. Regardless of anyone's views, their case against Clifford sounds more like desperation to me. Ditto with Sesame Street and most of the others.

I do agree Barney promotes an agenda - the stupid agenda.  ::) Our PBS station seems to have dropped it, thankfully.


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