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Author Topic: The Arthur episodes for Season 17  (Read 6013 times)


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Re: The Arthur episodes for Season 17
« on: June 03, 2013, 10:21:08 pm »
What, no episodes with "Arthur" or "D.W." in the title? I think it's interesting that they're ending season 17 with part 1 being a Binky episode and part 2 being a Brain episode, just like season 9. Incidentally, for years I thought that they should have renamed the Ice Cream Shop "Brain Freeze."

It just goes to show you that they've pretty much stopped focusing on Arthur...even D.W., surprisingly. Even seasons 11-15 (around that time) seem to have a lot more Arthur episodes compared to 16 and 17 ones.

The ice cream shop being named "Brain Freeze" is pretty clever, but Brain is only his nickname...though I do think there are companies where the founder or someone related to him/her was the namesake for the company, even if it was a lesser-know, informal nickname.