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Author Topic: Something big about to happen?  (Read 2065 times)


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Re: Something big about to happen?
« on: November 02, 2012, 07:28:55 pm »
It could even be as simple as a new Arthur special, which, when you think about it, might make sense, as 9 Story might want to explore some new options now that they are at the helm of things.

That was my assumption as I was reading your opening post.

I think it could be likely, but then I have to wonder why they would take on such a large project after just beginning to be involved with the franchise...it just seems to me that it would have made more sense for them to wait a year or two to do that until they are well established within the franchise, see how the new season is received, etc.

I wonder if an Arthur movie could even be a possibility, though with the new animation, I'm not sure that it would even do well...

Wait where on the Facebook page is the hinting? Because I don't see it.

I am getting this info from someone else, however I posted about it because I know them well enough to put full confidence in them that they do know what they're talking about. I will find that out, though.