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Due to the new Arthur season starting in October, I thought it might be a good idea to create a thread to discuss it.

Any thoughts?

Snowth Woogle:
I think the show passed its prime looooong ago, but as far as this season goes, we have a new strike to add to the series now: the Flash animation.

Now, I've taken courses in Flash animation before, and have dabbled in it a little myself *cough*BUN:DefenderoftheBunnyPeopleonYouTube*cough*, but the Flash animation doesn't work for this season: the characters' movement and expressions and everything are very stiff and robotic compared to the previously tradionally animated seasons. Not only that, but some of the characters' overall designs seem slightly reminiscent of those old computer games from the 90s before the show even started.

I know this stuff is cheaper, more economical, and now the norm and everything, but cheaper isn't always better.

I do have to note that the animation is a bit weird this season, it sort of has a softer, more blurred feel to it. Especially the background scenery.

Has anyone noticed the wonderful inclusion of Kieper and the unnamed brown dog in the Tough Customers clip in the preview video released? I am so excited to see them with the gang again.

Snowth Woogle:
Forgive me my unfamiliarity with more current seasons, but who is Kieper?

Kieper is actually an original Tough Customer from the early seasons:


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