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Author Topic: Season 16  (Read 11708 times)


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Re: Season 16
« on: September 23, 2012, 07:58:08 pm »
While the animation has changed and will take some time to get use to, but at least it isn't anything like Arthur's Missing Pal. The storyline was alright, but the animation was hard for me to watch. I have a feeling 9 Story will improve with the animation come Season 17. This is their first time with Arthur (remember Postcards From Buster was mostly live action with some animation). As for those two characters returning I'm quite surprised, but it's about time, cause I feel the Tough Customers have always been less intimidating with fewer members around. Slink will most likely still appear I hope. Something was brought up by a user on wikia that have to mention. Has anyone else noticed or thought that this season we may see Arthur play less of a role in some of the episodes?