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Author Topic: Season 16  (Read 11573 times)

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Re: Season 16
« Reply #30 on: October 18, 2012, 04:34:17 pm »
Okay, watched part of today's new episode... one thing I've noticed is that Arthur didn't sound so much like Brain today... he sounded like he kept slipping in an out of sounding a little like Brain, and back to sounding like D.W. like he has been since Season Nine. I also noticed that both Mr. Haney and Miss Turner sound like they're losing their voices, it was a lot more noticable with Miss Turner, she sounded extremely hoarse, while Mr. Haney sounded a little more like an old man. I see as well that Mr. Haney is wearing a green suit now as opposed to his blue one (but then again, I've noticed a lot of coloring changes this season, I'm not sure, but I think Amanda's entire color scheme changed).

Anyway, the episode with HUGO reminded me a LOT of the Recess episode "School World", where they had a very similar computer device, SAL-3000, installed in all of Third Street School, the only difference is SAL was rather evil and went rogue, whereas HUGO was simply seemingly antagonistic toward Mr. Ratburn, who hates being proven wrong. Forgive me too if this may come off as offensive, but I know a lot of fans out there have speculated that Mr. Ratburn is "in the closet", and seeing him in that long night shirt of his when he was plotting his revenge against HUGO kind of makes me wonder it now too. While I didn't find "Get Smart" to be entirely original, I did like the little hidden message in it that in this computer age, libraries are suffering terribly... it's gotten to the point where libraries in general don't enforce any rules anymore, because that's how desperate they are to get people to come in (believe me, you go to my public library, you'll find people talking on their cellphones, little kids running around and screaming, people standing around and talking out loud to each other, etc).

"Baby Steps" looked like it was going to start off pretty well, loved that odd little reference to that Andy show from "The Contest" (even though they changed it to look just like a copy of Arthur when it used to be a mashup of both Arthur and Little Lulu), but the second I saw Mei Lin, and heard Baby Kate talk, I changed the channel, I can't stand those Adventures Of Talking Baby Kate And Talking Pal And Now Talking Mei Lin episodes.

STILL can't quite get past the stiff, shortcut animation... it really shows when a character shakes his or her head, it doesn't look like a natural shake, you can tell they just simply transform the entire head every other frame to try to create a poor illusion of head shaking.

EDIT: Actually, there's one thing that bothered me about "Get Smart"... how is it the class didn't know anything about the history of Elwood City, or that the area where the city now is used to be marshland, or who Jacob Katzenellenbogen even was? They did a freakin' musical about all of that!
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