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Author Topic: Season 16  (Read 10016 times)

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Re: Season 16
« Reply #210 on: August 14, 2013, 03:54:52 pm »
I also finally saw "The Best Day Ever" yesterday. It was the only S16 episode I haven't seen in full yet and it's still not on YouTube.

I wondered how they were going to work around showing clips in the 4:3 aspect ratio. At first, I only saw the opening posted on PBS's YouTube and those flashback clips were shown on a TV, so they got away with showing those in their original form. It turns out they shrunk the clips a bit and surrounded them with white clouds.

I hated how they added some brief new "clips" to the flashbacks which meant going from the old animation to Flash, especially the clip of "The Return of the King". It shows Arthur pulling out the sword and the celebrations, and then it shows Flash Ratburn handing Flash Arthur a graded history quiz (still on the fairgrounds), motion tweens and all. Did anyone ever notice how Flash Ratburn's fur is much more gray than previous seasons, and his clothes are less bright? His old coloring was way better.

I wish the episode was on YouTube so we could compare the dubs, but if I'm right, the only clips that were not dubbed were Arthur and Buster's goodbyes from "Arthur's Faraway Friend" and George in the original "Arthur's Dummy Disaster" clips, though Arthur was still dubbed and there was a new scene animated in Flash using George's current voice. Also, during the flashback of D.W.'s constant accusing of Arthur stealing the snowball, the clip from "D.W.'s Snow Mystery" mostly used D.W.'s original voice. The gasp at the start of the montage and "I want a confession!" and the first "Confess!" was the original audio, but the other lines and the second and third yells of "Confess!" were dubbed. And what episodes were the other clips in the montage from anyway?

I'm getting annoyed at the "clouds come in fast on a supposedly-great day, lightning flash, suddenly starts pouring" trope happening in a lot of Arthur episodes, and that their only concern is getting wet even though one should be much more concerned about being struck by lightning. I wish rainy days in Elwood City could be more like the end of "Buster Spaces Out" most of the time.

Did anyone else notice that Mei Lin's crying sounds were changed? "Big Brother Binky" used the typical "Kate cries", but "Best Day" used new baby SFX. Were the "Kate cries" even used in S16 at all yet? The most recent use of them I can remember is "Through the Looking Glasses" (when Kate visualizes Arthur's head as a toaster). "Arthur's Baby / D.W.'s Baby" also used different baby SFX, but I'm pretty sure episodes after that used the usual ones (especially "Arthur's Lost Dog"), and "Arthur's Eyes" used them for 3-year-old D.W.