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Author Topic: Season 16  (Read 9202 times)


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Re: Season 16
« Reply #165 on: May 13, 2013, 02:13:27 pm »
I haven't seen Friday's episode yet. Can you please tell me what all the memories are from "The Best Day Ever"?
Binky's best day ever was essentially when they adopted Mei Lin, and he found a way to get her to stop crying by doing the "Monkey Face"... that is until she saw Arthur.

George's best day ever was when he was invited to Fern's poetry reading, but thought he couldn't do it without Wally, until Arthur convinces him otherwise.

Sue Ellen's best day ever was when she lost her diary in the library, but Arthur managed to find it.

Buster's best day ever was when he came home from his trip with his dad, and played checkers with Arthur.

Arthur's best day ever was... that day.

Well with the conclusion of this season what is everyone's opinion? Season 17 will air this Fall by the way.