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Author Topic: Season 16  (Read 9202 times)

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Re: Season 16
« Reply #165 on: May 12, 2013, 12:40:55 am »
I haven't seen Friday's episode yet. Can you please tell me what all the memories are from "The Best Day Ever"?

I can't believe I missed some obvious D.W./Brain parallels that finished during season 16! These are the ones I just discovered:

"All About D.W." D.W.'s stage fright and mistakes can be compared to Brain's stage fright and mistakes in "Arthur's Spelling Trubble" and "It's a No-Brainer."

"Brain's Chess Mess" Brain subbed for Rattles because Rattles said he was sick, which can be compared to "All About D.W." (again!)

These were the D.W./Brain parallels I was already aware of:

"Based on a True Story" D.W. doesn't think Bud's jokes are funny, which can be compared to "Cents-less" where Brain didn't think the number joke Muffy told was funny.

"Baby Steps" In this episode, we hear what Kate and Pal hear: D.W. and Brain speaking gibberish. D.W. hears Kate say "D.W.," which can be compared to "The Perfect Brother" where D.W. heard Kate say "Brain."

And, of course, "On the Buster Scale" and "My Music Rules."
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