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Author Topic: Season 16  (Read 9244 times)


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Re: Season 16
« Reply #165 on: May 10, 2013, 09:13:56 pm »
I'm glad now that Arthur Season 16 is completed, I am also glad that we got to see more of Fern, Sue Ellen, George, Molly, and Rattles in the spotlight. Although there was one of the new character Ladonna but no Bud. And also the first 1/2 was mostly D.W. releated episodes, there was none in the second half of Season 16.

I'm also glad these voice actors from the Cookie Jar (formerly Cinar) years made it to the 9 Story Arthur era - Eleanor Noble (George Lundgren, George's dummy Wally), Holly Gauthier Frankel (Fern Walters), Jessica Kardos (Sue Ellen), Ellen David (Bitzi Baxter), Maggie Castle (Molly MacDonald), Michael "The first voice of Arthur" Yarmush (Slink), and even the 4th. voice of Arthur - Cameron Ansell as a teenage waiter.

Will former Arthur voices - Justin Bradley, Mark Rendall, and/or Dallas Jokic - voice in other Arthur cartoon roles in the future?

Too bad we didn't hear any voice parts for Bailey (Muffy's Butler) in Season 16, not even (except for a Flashback scene) Arthur's Dad. And the Molena family was absent this season. So is Lydia Fox, and even (except for a few mentions) Capri DiVapida!

I hope to get a list of Season 17 Arthur episodes before the Fall 2013 season.
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