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Re: Arthur @ NY Comic Con 2013
« on: October 16, 2013, 09:32:28 am »
In this case I would say the show would over ride the book. Not that the book is wrong because the book is the book and who knows why it changed. However in this case I would assume the book is an Arthur adventure book that was based on the script from the tv show and published after the show aired. So most likely if that character appeared again later he would have the name from the tv show and not the book and he will look like he looked in the tv show and not like the illustration. The books are not used as reference any more by the writers or show designers because the books are already an adaptation from the larger show.

Even in the case that character came from a book before the series began and the name or look changed, the character would still look like it did when it appeared in the TV show. For example I saw the Sue Ellen character in an early book and it bore no resemblence to the one in the show and her name was never mentionned. But it would never go back to what it was in the book. Although could be a pretty funny fantasy sometime to have the characters appear like they did in the early books. Like when Arthur had that long droopy snout like a real aardvark and fur on his face.

Right,that Dewey. I forgot DW's Dewey line. I'm kind of dense these days.
Basically you need to remember that the series began in 1994 after about 15 books were done. So only the characters in those books were taken from the books. Arthur in many of the books looked very different than what you see in the series. I would hope that people now recognize Arthur and his friends as the ones that exist in the animated series rather than the books.
In illustration the character can change proportion and detail and size from picture to picture but in animation the model needs to be 3 dimensional and consistant as it moves from image to image  to create animation . If it changes each drawing then it would flicker and distort in some bizarre manner.
To note that Marc Brown's books that came out after the series began in 1995 are stories and designs that were taken from the artists at Cinar and the writers that wrote the scripts in the US.

The series facts and continuity are now the bible and overule anything in the books at this point.
OK. My concern was for cases like, for example: The robotic dad that Brain built in season 4 was named LAF (Life-Like, Automated Father), but in the chapter book, it was named RALF (Remote Lifelike Automated Father). Since the show overrules the books, then the robot is ultimately named LAF.

I'm not sure about Dewey. Can you send me more info on him?
That was actually a joke. ;) A reference to the Library Card song from season 3, where D.W. repeatedly asks "who's Dewey" (of the Dewey Decimal System).