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Author Topic: Vomitrocious!  (Read 1720 times)

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Re: Vomitrocious!
« on: November 25, 2013, 01:48:33 pm »
That's absolutely horrifying.  :o  I also suffered from nosebleeds a lot when I was a kid (and still do on occasion).  Good thing I never went to the doctor...

Barfine really showed her nasty side in this one, but got a not-so-pleasant taste of her own medicine as it came back up from her stomach, through her esophagus, and all over the cafeteria floor.   :P

Episodes like this one and Draw! really make Francine believable, specifically because she's usually a pretty likable character.  I think the fact that she's occasionally mean-spirited actually makes her much more interesting.  Like most real-life kids, she shows the capacity to help and harm others, and learn from her mistakes.  I'm really impressed with how effectively she transitions from detestable bully to sympathetic victim in these episodes, and all over the course of just 15 minutes.  This can't be said of very many cartoon characters. 

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