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Author Topic: Older Episode Theories  (Read 5648 times)

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Re: Older Episode Theories
« Reply #90 on: November 05, 2013, 05:50:40 pm »
I disagree; looking at the December schedule, I see Season 8 will be airing in rotation with 16... 8 was really the last good season the show had - I see a number of my favorites airing in December, so that's definitely something to look forward to! Not to mention, as always, the Season 1 finale, "Arthur's First Sleepover / Arthur's New Year's Eve" is reserved for, well, New Year's Eve. :p

But, ahh, it sure was nice to finally see a good episode again for once today (well, half of one, anyway). But whenever I watch "Cast Away", it brings something to mind... the family dynamics almost seem like a divorce, which I'm sure wasn't the intention, but the way Arthur and D.W. argue over who gets to spend the weekend with which parent, it just almost feels like they're divorced: like the way Arthur and D.W. particularly fight over who gets to spend the weekend with David makes it seem like Jane has custody of them and like the weekends are visitation rights or something. Or maybe I'm just not used to having siblings around (I was a menopause baby, my siblings were pretty much grown up and out of the house by the time I came along) and aren't familiar with those kind of compromises. "Cast Away" is still good nonetheless.
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