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Author Topic: Older Episode Theories  (Read 6288 times)


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Re: Older Episode Theories
« Reply #15 on: April 05, 2013, 01:56:08 pm »
Day before yesterday, PBS aired "Francine's Split Decision; Muffy Goes Metropolitan". Now, with the exception of "Kiss and Tell" on Valentine's Day, and "Cast Away" being show last week (both of which contained a talking Pal and Kate entry as the other half, so I don't count those), this was, so far, the first and only time this year a good, older episode has been played. We're already in April, so that's three months (about twelve weeks or so), which is the longest I can remember yet of having to wait to see a golden oldie; as I've said before, the cycle is usually about 6-8 weeks of poorer, newer episodes, then a week of the classics (two, if we're lucky)... but 12 weeks? That's quite a stretch.

I saw Arthur's Eyes last year. I was taken by surprise to see it on TV, but it's was cool watching an episode 1996 again. ;)