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Author Topic: Muffy's Art Attack questions  (Read 137 times)

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Re: Muffy's Art Attack questions
« on: October 07, 2012, 11:55:14 am »
1. Maybe perhaps they wanted to let the kids have a better/closer look at each of the exhibits? I don't know... it's like I remember class field trips to the art museum, they didn't have any kind of protective barriers either, just basically a tour guide telling us not to touch anything.

2. Yeah, but you know Muffy, she doesn't wear anything for it's practicality, she wears everything as a fashion statement, even overalls... though I don't see the appeal of overalls as a fashion statement.

3. He seemed to be.

4. I think Muffy would take it personally, not necessarily because the art was ruined, but because someone ruined her show... however, I'm sure Bailey might be really repressing some upset since the exhibits were mostly his anyway.

5. Well, IIRC, didn't the first can kind of get a little smashed? She probably replaced it with a new can, so there wouldn't be any dents or anything, thus, blemishing the piece itself.

6. Careful transportion. A long time ago, I built a scale model of Sesame Street, but unfortunately, I've had to move a LOT over the years, so I always have to be very careful in moving it from place to place, so I'm sure Muffy would have to find someway to transport it carefully from her house to Ganson's show.
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