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Very nice! Might I ask what this secret source is and what language they are in?

A Lotta Moms:
Much thanks for the preview!  Really looking forward to Adventures in Budylon.  More Ladonna.   :)

I hope Bud Compson appears on the party animal episode.

Ladonna Compson:
ill admit, any episodes with brain interest me. hope we see more brain. story9 is improving (in a was bald and now hair thickness is starting to improve cause its growing back kind of way) with each episode, but they need to work on the character originality. everyone is a stereotype! and you cant, CANT do that to my brain.

okay,i guess they looked like that originally, but they found ways to change that throughout the seasons and develop each character. im seeing a bit of it in this season, but they undid a LOT of character development in the process  :-\


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