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Author Topic: It's Time To Get The Old Arthur Back!  (Read 1056 times)

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Re: It's Time To Get The Old Arthur Back!
« on: September 27, 2013, 11:44:30 am »
I think part of the problem too at what makes the older episodes "dated" is because so much of real life has changed since then, that it probably would seem odd and strange to kids watching today.

For instance, remember when Ratburn was trying to tell the kids what record players were? "Before CDs were invented?" CDs, for example, are kind of passe now what with MP3 players, iPods and such, kids today probably don't really know much about CDs (though I personally never made the upgrade from CDs myself). There's also a lot of references to VHS tapes, which we all know have been obsolete for years now. Video cameras used for taping home movies look ancient today.

Once again, this is a problem SESAME STREET has had to deal with. In recent years: Hooper's Store is now much more like a convenient store as opposed to a little soda shop, the Fix-It-Shop is gone and has been replaced with a laundromat, the whole street in general has gone through quite a number of gentrification processes.
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