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Author Topic: It's Time To Get The Old Arthur Back!  (Read 974 times)


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Re: It's Time To Get The Old Arthur Back!
« on: September 24, 2013, 10:26:48 pm »
Hey Arthur fanatics,a lot of you have been complaining about the lack of Seasons 1-4 reruns on PBS.THE TIME TO GET THE OLD ARTHUR BACK IS NOW! I'm not gonna let PBS bully me out of my favorite episodes.Are you guys?Any ideas on how we can get them back,like a petition or something?

I think that some of the early Arthur episodes are a bit too dated in the eyes of PBS. If you were to convince a station to put more early Arthur in their schedule, know that it would likely be your local station, rather than the main PBS schedule. I too would love to see more season 1-4 Arthur on, but I don't know how likely it is.

Also, I would gladly sign any petition, but have you ever known of a petition that has worked?